LING INST 110: Introduction to Phonological Theory and Analysis (Summer 2015)

Tu/Fr 8:30am - 10:20am, Social Science Research Bldg. 302

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Eric Bakovic (Professor)

Office Hours: M/Th 2-3pm in Plein Air (

Course Description

2015 Linguistic Summer Institute course page description

This course is an introduction to the theory and methods of phonological analysis. Each week we will focus on one of four main sets of theoretical assumptions: (1) representational assumptions about what phonological constituents are and what they consist of, (2) analytical assumptions about the kinds of evidence that are brought to bear on the question of the basic vs. derived nature of a constituent, (3) computational assumptions about the mechanisms that relate representations of phonological constituents to each other, and (4) architectural assumptions about how the phonological component interfaces with other grammatical components. These assumptions will be elucidated through in-class and assigned work on phonological problem sets.


Familiarity with basic articulatory phonetics and phonetic symbols. If you understand the content of Chapter 1 of Hayes (2009), you should be fine.


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Course Schedule

Week Date Topic Examples Assignments Notes
1 Tue Jul 07 What is phonology? What is phonological analysis?

Day 1
Fri Jul 10 Allophonic vs. neutralizing alternations Russian English Day 2
2 Tue Jul 14 Interacting alternations English Lamba Day 3
Fri Jul 17 More interacting alternations Lamba Polish Day 4
3 Tue Jul 21 Even more interacting alternations More Russian Somali Day 5
Fri Jul 24 Starting on Optimality Theory Somali English in OT Somali solution
4 Tue Jul 28 More Optimality Theory English Bleeding vs. counterbleeding in OT Answers to English in OT
Fri Jul 31 Even more Optimality Theory Bleeding vs. counterbleeding
Answers to bleeding vs. counterbleeding in OT