COGS 189: EEG-based Brain-computer interfaces (Winter 2017)

M/W/F  10-10:50A   HSS 2154

Course website:


Virginia de Sa (Professor)

/ phone: 858 822 5095

Office Hours: Weds 11-11:50 in SSRB 254

Megan Bardolph (TA)

Office Hours: Fri 11-11:50 in CSB 237

Course Description

This course will discuss signal processing, pattern recognition algorithms, cognitive neuroscience, and human-computer interaction issues in EEG-based brain-computer interfaces. A good background in math and some familiarity with machine learning (e.g. COGS 109 or ideally 118A or 118B or equivalent) is required.   Students with more machine learning background who would prefer a more in depth focus on just the signal processing and machine learning methods might want to consider my graduate course COGS 260: Machine learning in EEG-based brain-computer interfaces (CSB 180 M 11:15-1:50). 

Online discussions will take place at the Piazza site 

Course Details and Policies

Grades will be based on preparation of weekly 1-3 page reports in response to the readings, participation in class, and a final project/paper and presentation (in groups of 1-3 students).  There is no midterm or final exam.

For the reports, please do the following:
A) 1 paragraph summary of each the required readings,
B) For each reading: a few sentences of what you learned from the reading, or what it made you think about
C) 3 questions about each reading (Can vary from clarification questions to more open-ended research "what if" style questions -- Ask the questions you'd like to see discussed in class).

Examples of past final projects:

Using Neurosky headset to play music related to your brain waves
Using Neurosky headset to control Chrome browser
Using Neurosky headset to "brain-wrestle"
Using Neurosky headset to monitor performance during video game playing
Using Neurosky headset to generate clicks during video game playing

Review paper on Cell Culture BCIs: The Neurochip

Course Schedule

Week Date Topic Readings Notes
1 Mon Jan 09 Intro to Class.  Intro to BCIs   Overview of BCI Types
Wed Jan 11 Intro to BCIs, Types of BCIs BCI opinion piece by Brendan Allison

BCI gentle introduction
Fri Jan 13 Intro to BCIs cont'd BCI review paper
(sections 1-4)
2 Wed Jan 18 Overview of EEG processing pathway  BCI intro tutorial
Fri Jan 20 Issues in Filtering Notes on temporal filtering issues

3 Mon Jan 23 Issues in Filtering BCI review paper 
(sections 5,6)
Wed Jan 25 ICA for spatial filtering

Fri Jan 27 Filtering, classification BCI review paper
(section 7)

4 Mon Jan 30
Common spatial patterns for spatial filtering

Wed Feb 01 Alternative spatial filtering Adaptive Laplacian filtering for sensorimotor rhythm-based brain–computer interfaces  
Fri Feb 03 HCI issues BCI review paper (sections 8,9)  
5 Mon Feb 06 More HCI issues

Combining Eye Gaze Input with a Brain-Computer Interface for Touchless Human-Computer Interaction  
Wed Feb 08 More HCI issues

An Interactive Control Strategy is More Robust to Non-Optimal Classification Boundaries  
Fri Feb 10 Neural considerations - P300 BCIs A novel BCI based on ERP components sensitive to configural processing of human faces  
6 Mon Feb 13 Neural considerations - P300 BCIs Novel Protocols for P300-Based Brain–Computer Interfaces  
Wed Feb 15 Novel application areas: biofeedback

Fri Feb 17 Novel application areas: workload estimation Estimating workload using EEG spectral power and ERPs in the n-back task  
7 Wed Feb 22 Novel application areas: predicting behavior EEG potentials predict upcoming emergency brakings during simulated driving   
Fri Feb 24 Optional talk at the Salk -- free registration required at link to right.   
Otherwise  Project Work Day  
8 Mon Feb 27 Novel application areas: biofeedback Positive behavioral and electrophysiological changes following neurofeedback training in children with autism  
Wed Mar 01 Project Work Day and/or Extra Lecture    
Fri Mar 03 Project Work Day and/or Extra Lecture    
9 Mon Mar 06 Project Work Day- Update presentations    
Wed Mar 08 Project Work Day    
Fri Mar 10 Project Work Day - Update presentations     
10 Mon Mar 13 Guest Lecture:  Thorsten Zander, TU Berlin    
Wed Mar 15 Project Work Day/ Optional Early Final Presentations (Rest will be during exam period) Talk/paper guidelines  
Fri Mar 17 Project Work Day/ Optional Early Final Presentations (Rest will be during exam period) Talk/paper guidelines