What is thisCourse?

thisCourse is designed to be the fastest and easiest place to build websites that both instructors and students love to use. With a few clicks you can create a free class website that includes documents, student discussions, announcements, and a class schedule.

Who are we?

We are grad students who were surprised and frustrated by the lack of simple tools for building full-featured, beautiful class websites. We hope that you too will find thisCourse useful for clearly communicating with your students.

What is this blog all about?

We want to let you know about all of the new features of thisCourse as we release them. When we make a significant update to thisCourse, we will let you know about it here. We also want to hear how you’re using thisCourse and what would make it better! Your comments are enormously available to us as we strive to make thisCourse the easiest way available to build full-featured class websites.