Grading support is here!

thisCourse now provides a secure, simple and fast way to get grades to your students. You can enable gradebook support for your classes right now by clicking “Enable gradebook” on the options tab.

To add grades, visit the Grades tab and upload an excel file (.xls). This file just needs to have:

  1. A first row containing columns names (e.g. Exam 1, Homework 2, etc.)
  2. One of these columns must be titled Email and contain student email addresses.

That’s it! Grades are securely uploaded to the server and only instructors can view the gradebook. Students can view their own grades by creating an account with their email address and a password they choose. We verify that the email belongs to them and then students can log in to view their grades.

We’ve created a one minute tutorial video—take a look below. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. Thanks for using thisCourse!

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