What is thisCourse?

Surprised by the lack of tools for building class websites that simply worked, we designed thisCourse to be the fastest and easiest place to build websites that both instructors and students love to use. With a few clicks you can create a free class website that includes documents, student discussions, announcements, and a class schedule.

Who are we?

Micah Bregman

Founder & CEO. On a daily basis Micah responds to user requests, keeps Jamie from implementing awesome but ugly features, and helps get the word out about thisCourse. Micah also keeps his hands dirty with the nuts and bolts of the site and tries to keep up with Jamie's git commits.

Jamie Alexandre

Founder & CTO. Jamie keeps thisCourse running smoothly through a combination of technical kung-fu and special sauce. He spends far too much time sending uber-polite reminders about proper Django coding style, and making sure Micah doesn't overuse the words "beautiful" and "simple" (queue remix!).

How can I get in touch?

We would love to hear from you if you have any comments or suggestions. thisCourse is a work in progress and we are continuing to introduce new features, so please check back with us again soon!

What do you do with my information?

We care about your privacy and will not sell any of your information, or make any content publicly available that you have chosen to keep private. Students using thisCourse to view your site can remain completely anonymous. We don't require them to register, and if you want to keep your site private you can create an access password to share with your class. We strive to have an easy to understand privacy policy, which is linked from the bottom of every page.