The easy, free way to build your course website!

With thisCourse, you can have a full-featured course website up and running in just a few minutes. In addition to the information on your syllabus, we provide a fast place to put documents for students to read, a space for student discussions, and many other useful features.

  • Fast and Easy

    Fast, easy & free

    There is no faster way to create a full-featured course website. It's free too!

  • You are in control

    You are in control

    Setup your own site, control who can edit the page and decide whether students need a password to log in.

  • Students love it

    Students love it

    Students can access the site, post comments and read documents without creating special accounts.

  • Your course's home on the web

    Your course home

    Choose an easy to remember URL for your class, accessible from anywhere.

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